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Vatsala Bharti – Mental Health

Vatsala Bharti is a passionate, enthusiastic, visionary Mental Health advocate and activist with a  work experience of over 2 years in mental health sector. Back in 2016, she started an initiative Intellectuallink – a support group for people to come together and talk about everything they wished to. She conducted many online and offline sessions for the same.

She has recently founded an upcoming initiative “Me For Me” for people to come and share their mental health journey. She believes in bringing a change to the society by normalizing mental health step by step!

Miss Vatsala believes that there still exists a stigma around Mental health and just talking about it isn’t enough!


Here are some golden suggestions from her side:

1. Acceptance- You need to accept the fact that you are mentally ill. It is absolutely alright to have such kind of issue.

2. Express- Share what is going on in your head, what is bothering you.

3. Seek help- If you need, go over to a therapist. There is no shame!

According to her, the best help we can do as a society is to LISTEN what they say! They need someone and that someone can be you