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Snigdha Mishra – Domestic Violence

Snigdha Mishra is a social activist, psychotherapist, life coach and trainer. She is the founder of Life Surfers and the Mind-Life Project. She is also the co-founder of Let’s Talk.

According to her psychologist cannot suggest a survivor what must be done or not.

As a psychologist one helps build emotional resilience in the client. Enables them to build on their strengths.

Staying in or leaving the abusive partner is a person’s individual choice and we must respect it.

Helping a person have a safety plan is what one can help with.

1 Support : Which friends and relatives can they ask for help now and in future.

2 Finance: What savings does the person have? Source of income . Financial support/ source from someone other than the abuser.

3 Dependants : Are their children or dependants involved what about them?

4 Emergency exit: whom can they go to in case of an emergency from the abuser.

5 Emergency Response: Intimate a few close friends and family to connect or check on the person and dependants in case they don’t hear from them in 48 or 72 hours

6 Legal Action – Do they want to check on their legal rights,seek police assistance etc.
According to her, there is not just one reason that causes domestic violence. Finance, culture, societal pressure and stigmas, lack of support all are intertwined and that is what makes it difficult to end it.

What one first needs to do is explore and prioritize what is important according to them. The end choice is always theirs.