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Shweta Jha – Racial Discrimination

Shweta Jha is a freelance writer, social media marketer and former Public Relations Officer. She worked with IIHM Kolkata under communicative/business English faculty. She is an experienced social media marketer and PR professional at IIM Ahmedabad.

She wholeheartedly likes to devote her time in spreading awareness regarding concerns like racial discrimination, animal welfare, environment, health and a lot more.

According to Miss Shweta, when almighty has made us all equal then who are we to discriminate against anyone.  Indirectly we all are part of it and if you want a change, it begins from you. The solution is YOU.
We all need to accept the fact that we ourselves discriminate and we need to STOP doing that.

From treating your house help equally like a family member, to raising your voice against racial discrimination in public, such steps in your daily life can make a difference.

She suggests that it is not important how huge of a step you take, the small steps in our life are what matter.

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