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Rajasi KD – Menstrual Hygiene

Rajasi KD is a social activist working on menstrual hygiene for past seven years. She started her work with girls of residential school in Chhattisgarh. She found issues related to disposal of products and not having information about their own body.  She conducts training programs, awareness sessions for teachers and community volunteers on this topic.

According to her, there is an urban- rural gap when we introduce new topics, new products. In rural and slum areas people are using cloth for a long time because they know how to use and dry it. Even some superstitious beliefs prevail across India.

Nowadays, disposable pads are introduced but they don’t know how to use or dispose it. This confusion leads to use of unhygienic practices. People have several myths regarding their own body in rural and slum areas.

How can we end this taboo?

1. To bridge this gap create access to information through online or offline media.

2. Create safe spaces where people can talk and question about this issue. Rural woman believe that urban woman have information about such issues and they don’t carry any stigma. But this is not true.

3. There are several misconceptions related to hygiene. We must know the real cause and the reason behind it. Poor use of disposable pads can lead to several problems but people aren’t aware of it.

The first step to end this stigma is to start talking about these problems and be aware about menstrual hygiene.