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Niyatti N Shah- Sex Education

Niyatti N Shah is an accomplished Sexuality Educator & Child rearing Mentor with an exhibited history of working in the education awareness and mindfulness industry. Profoundly talented in Negotiation, Coaching, Public Speaking, Curriculum Development, and Parent Coaching. She is a Strong and passionate professional trained Sex Educator focused in Sex Education & Sexual Health from Institute of Human Technology. She has served in this industry for the past 10 years and her forte is “Children and Parents sex education.” She has also penned two books on puberty.

On the importance of sex education in India she says, the acceptance of sex education by the new generation has been promising but needs guidance as well from proper educators and not just the internet.

Acceptance is absolutely necessary in all mediums.

It’s important to educate about safe sex to improve reproductive health of an individual and not risk them into abortions, miscarriages and sexually transmitted diseases.

Exposure to pornography can trigger way to rape culture if not monitored.

Her advice for the parents

• Educate themselves on the topic from a reliable source. Be comfortable with the topic.

• Introduce the word sex and educate them from an age of 12 as they are the most vulnerable to the dark web and can misinterpret information.

• If choosing a medium to educate go through it by yourself first.

• If parents are unsure as to how to teach professional educators can be sought after.

It should be remembered that if parents are feeling disgusted to talk about it, the same mentality is projected on their children as well. It won’t be easy to talk about at first, but once parents open up things would be easier.

It’s important to not treat it as a biology lesson but as a life skill.