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Lindsay Michelle – Sex Education

Lindsay Michelle is a sex and wellness educator, writer, and consultant based in Tampa, Florida. Lindsay’s passion is advocating for others. She discovered the sex education field during her time as a second-grade teacher and decided she wanted to dedicate her career to educating others on what she believes to be the most important topic to teach. She is obtaining a Masters of Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University and hosts a blog called Sex Ed with Lindsay. Lindsay has also written guest pieces for Restless Magazine, Blood + Milk by Cora, and Lovability, Inc.

She believes it is extremely important for everybody to know about Sex Education. In fact, in her opinion it is the most important subject that you can learn!
Sex, sexual identity, and gender affect EVERY single person, no matter who they are!

According to her:
Parents should play an important role in their child’s sex ed. If they truly want to control the narrative on how their kids learn about sex, conversations should be early and often.

It should be in smaller increments, not everything about sex at once as that will overwhelm the child. Be honest, open, and willing to answer questions your child may have.

Just know that teaching accurate, fact-based information is most important for the child. It teaches the child honest information and they’ll be able to make safe and informed decisions about their body and have a parent/guardian who is supportive.

She agrees that there are barriers that exists in all countries mainly including culture and religion when it comes to teaching sex education. There is a fine line to draw when respecting culture and religion and teaching about sex ed.

As teenagers are a vulnerable population who are easily influenced by media, social media, and their peers, it is vital for them to already have learned important aspects of sex education when they’re younger so they’re able to make these decisions on an informed, fact-based basis.