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Chandani Grover – Animal Cruelty

15 year old changemaker, Chandani Grover runs an initiative conceptualised to rescue and rehabilitate animals. Her motive is to change society’s attitude towards stray animals. When she was 13, she witnessed a puppy being run over by a car. That was when she came up with an idea to rescue animals, provide them protection and most importantly to spread empathy towards the community of animals. By her initiative Kindness: The Universal Language of Love, over 800 dogs are being fed in a single day (She personally feeds over 150 dogs), Over 100 adoptions have been done. Through their various feeding drives they’ve fed over 18000 dogs! Also, over 300 dogs have been vaccinated.

She highlighted the main problems that are faced by animal owners these days:

  • People disown their dogs when they become old or ill, and adoption has become very difficult.
  • Even if people want to organize drives and help animals, they are unable to do so. People even are against other people who try to do so and hurt them.
  • These days people are also unsure whether to take their pets to the hospital even when they are ailing in such a time

So, to overcome these issues she is coming up with an app that will help through:

  • adoption
  • promoting events for animals
  • an SOS feature for animals in distress as well as for any person who ends up in a hostile condition while working for animals
  • an online forum.
    The app itself is not an SOS app, but a app to help animals, people working for animal welfare and people who have petsan SOS app.