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Ankit Bhuptani – Homophobia

Ankit Bhuptani is a Human Rights activist, Corporate Social Responsibility advocate and a seasoned Public speaker. He is the founder of gay lesbian Vaishnav Association, Mumbai and Queer Hindu Alliance.

He discovered himself as gay when he was 15 and at 18 his journey to work for queer cause began, and even 10 years down the lane he is unstoppable.

He was awarded Global Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Award by World HRD Congress and has adressed the UN Human Rights Council.

For the LGBTQ+ community his work primarily focuses on:

▪️Inclusion in education through capacity building and teaching programs, talking about gender, sexuality and orientation
▪️Inclusion in workplace by changing the cultural environment and making the workplace conclusive
▪️Inclusion in faith by connecting dots between sexuality and spirituality.

He pointed out that in India it is not hatred that is excluding LGBTQ+ Community, but ignorance and lack of knowledge about the same.
He pointed out a few things to keep in mind when someone wants to come out :

• Insure your safety and security
• Be finanacially, emotionally and mentally stable.

He also gave some tips of how we as a society we can contribute to end this stigma :

▪️Accept them just like you would accept any other person.
▪️Feel free to ask questions and educate yourself.
▪️Don’t force anybody to come out.
▪️Make a supportive environment.
▪️ Be the voice of the community. Speak up against negative, hateful and derogatory comments and jokes.