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Body Shaming

Body shaming refers to an act of either criticizing oneself or others for their physical appearance. The misconception of having a perfect body( neither too fat not too skinny) has become the definition of ‘beauty’.

People are usually bullied, harassed and mocked at which often leads to low self esteem, insecurities and the victims start loathing their bodies.

The virtue of self – love and self – appreciation is forgotten. One must always remember that before being judged by others one must love the way he/ she is.


  1. In the Girls’ Attitudes Survey 2016 conducted by Girl Guiding UK, “47 percent of girls aged 11-21 say the way they look holds them back.”
  2. Reports suggests that body shaming leads to severe eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.
  3. “The average BMI( body mass index) for Miss Universe contest dipped into underweight range ” – UK based Superdrug online doctor’s study on Miss Universe’s body ( 2015).


1) Always accept and love your body by constantly working towards health goals.

2) The society should not compare people and drop the idea of a perfect body. Each one of us is beautiful in our own self.

3) Stay confident and don’t be mean to yourself.

4) Don’t encourage body shaming trolls. Instead, appreciate others how great they look in every form.

Remember each one is beautiful the way they are.

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