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Mental Health

Mental health is all about how people think, feel, and behave! As stated by WHO, mental health is a state of well-being which makes an individual realize his/her own potential to cope up with normal stresses of life. A mentally healthy individual can work productively and fruitfully. A person suffering from mental illness is generally characterized by some combination of abnormal thoughts, emotions, behavior and relationships with others.


  1. Mental, neurological and substance use disorders make up 10% of the global burden of disease and 30% of non-fatal disease burden.
  2. Around 1 in 5 of the world’s children and adolescents have a mental disorder.
  3. Depression is one of the leading causes of disability, affecting 264 million people.
  4. The global economy loses about US$ 1 trillion per year in productivity due to depression and anxiety.
  5. About half of mental disorders begin before the age of 14.
  6. People with severe mental disorders die 10 to 20 years earlier than the general population.
  7. Almost 800 000 people die by suicide every year; 1 person dies from suicide every 40 seconds. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in individuals aged 15-29 years.
  8. Less than half of the 139 countries that have mental health policies and plans report having these aligned with human rights conventions.

Judgement and discrimination are often the reasons why people choose to suffer in silence. It prevents people from having the awareness and access to much needed help.

Several approaches can help maintain a good relationship with people like:

  • Showing empathy
  • Avoid dictating what they need to do
  • Congratulate them on positive changes
  • Be patient

Remember! The road to recovery can be long and difficult but not impossible.

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